Breathe. Be.

You are not your thoughts.

You are not even the feelings preceding them.

You are.

So be.

Breathe. Be.

How to be?

Notice your nose. Observe its component parts. Observe the upper lip, the entrance to the nasal passages, the said nasal passages, the flare of your nostrils as the air rushes out.

Place imaginary ninjas at the entrance to your nasal passages. These ninjas love observing air go in and out of your nostrils all day.

Ninjas don’t mind their minds wandering. They always come back to watch air going in and out. They observe its changing temperature, whether it goes in and out of both nostrils together, or just one, or what.

They observe what the breath feels like on the upper lip and on the pink fleshy inside of your nose.

Where to do this?

Do this everywhere. Do this all the time. When you want to smoke/bite your nails/rock back and forth – focus on your breath.

Don’t regulate it, just observe it. Activate your ninjas. Anything eluding you will come back – that forgotten password, lost errand, fogged over inspiration, the right words. Everything.

Twenty minutes in the morning, twenty at night. Use something like this as background music. Breathe hard if you start falling asleep. Feel free to move, stretch in between. 

Stay tuned here!



I learnt ana-pana and vipassana meditation at the ten day Vipassana course as taught by S.N. Goenka ji. Please register here if you’re interested.  

4 thoughts on “Breathe. Be.

  1. Anirudh

    Hi Aqseer

    I think yours is a brilliant initiative. The best part about the concept is that it reveals our true identities. We are not our minds or it’s thoughts. We aren’t the identity our mind has created for us ever since it understood the concept of ‘myself and mine’. We aren’t the joys or the sorrows we feel. We just are. The blank consciousness that pervades the universe. All of us, the same blankness. Yet, the very energy that keeps the stars in their place. Timeless and spaceless.

    Really appreciate the initiative.


    1. i love that! blank consciousness, timelessness and spacelessness 🙂


  2. a thousand kudos!

    This was a revolutionary idea to me. It went a step past the concept of we can choose our thoughts like our wardrobe. In fact we CAN choose them because we are not a product of them. We just are. Thank you for attempting to bring this concept into the mainstream. I think we all need to have our minds blown with this information


    1. you just made my year 🙂


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