The Body’s Vice President

News: we should all stop talking about hearts

and start talking more about knee joints. So

much more complex, can be totally nonfatal

when attacked, and besides, there are

two of them. Jelly-filled bone ports, to health!

To keeping us well-oiled and running!

You ever heard that before? So unloved,

pairs are. Make the same argument about

breasts and where does it take you? Down the stairs

to other joints that don’t come in pairs.

Pairs are incidental, auxiliary,

pre-game. Why do we think of ourselves as

so singular? I might die alone, but

oh well since my knee joints go together.

– Casey Lin Brown

Casey is an LA-based movement artist and poet. She sees art as a way to bring the world in a little closer.

To have your expression (photographs, paintings, poetry, videos…. anything share-able) featured on this site, please email me at with a photograph and three line bio. Namaskara!

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