Himachal Diaries

Himachal Diaries

I am lost, in a deep sea of complication

I am free, free to think of what I believe

Oh god, give me a reason, a reason to believe

Sun shines brighter brighter than the rest of the day

The grass is greener, greener on the other side

Make me believe in paradise

The songs about the lovers who’ve never loved

The empty hotel rooms and the songs I’ve never heard

It’s 4 in the morning

Half smoked cigarettes dead and burnt all the way to my head and heart

– Indiegenous featuring Mrudang Mathur

Indiegenous is an acoustic trio based in New Delhi. We’ve been working together for a while now but never formally decided to form a band. After innumerable jam sessions, we decided to form ‘Indiegenous’ in February this year. Besides music , our interests include travelling, monkeying around and eating shawarmas and ‘garam’ samosas. Food is love. Food is life.

Find their work here (Soundcloud) and here (YouTube) and follow them on Facebook here

To have your expression (photographs, paintings, poetry, videos…. anything share-able) featured on this site, please email me at mirrorworkss@gmail.com with a photograph, three line bio and relevant contact/social media information. Namaskara!

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