I Need a Chocolate Chip Cookie Because Fuck You Life!

I need a big fat burger followed by ice cream roasted marshmallow chocolate chip cookie combination of goodness because fuck you, life, that’s why. Shout out to all the people out there in the world who woke up feeling less than happy, inadequate, stressed, cranky, and all the other terrible feelings you can think of. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, lovely people. Hang in there. The Force is strong with all of you.

There’s two types of people (well, in this context, at least) in the world. There’s the lucky ones; the ones who know exactly what they want to do, how to do it, and actually do what they have to do to get there (these lucky ones are usually not afflicted with what I call the ‘laziness syndrome’). Then there’s the ones who haven’t the foggiest idea of what it is they want to do. These are two opposite ends of a spectrum. But there are a whole lot of people in between these two types. These are the people who probably knew what they wanted to do, had a plan, but it didn’t work out. I’m going to be a cynical bum and say plans very rarely ever go the way they’ve been planned. There’s also this other bunch of people who think they’ve got it all figured out but then BOOM. They find a new love, a new calling and then they’re back at square 1 again.

Now, we live in a crazy, stupid world where you don’t just need one plan. You need a backup plan. And if you’re smart you’ll probably have a backup plan for your backup plan. And sometimes you need to have a backup plan for your backup plan’s backup plan. WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END? It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. I don’t have a plan. I don’t even have a pla (thank you, Phoebe, for that one). I turned out to be one of the unlucky ones who thought they knew what they wanted to do but found another calling. But the more I think about what I want to do, the more I’m met with dozens of possibilities and it’s gotten to a point where I just want to scream STAHPPP. Just stahhppp, because in the midst of all this hullabaloo, you’re also falling in and out of love, you’re breaking hearts and having your own broken, you’re fighting with your parents, you’re getting drunk, stoned, meeting new people, losing touch with old ones. STOP. BREATHE. BE. I’ve decided now to just go where this stupid rollercoaster takes me. I’m going to be mad and say it’ll all be okay.
Are you listening? It’s all going to be okay. You deserve all the happiness in the world. For a moment, just be. Go get yourself a cupcake. Eat it. Be happy. Go cuddle someone. Be happy. Let life happen. You’ll figure it all out.

May the Force always be with you.

– Sreya Chatterjee

Sreya Chatterjee is a Masters student of Psychology at Ambedkar University Delhi. She is looking to spread love, cuddles and joy. Possibly one cupcake and a drink at a time.

To have your expression (photographs, paintings, poetry, videos…. anything share-able) featured on this site, please email me at mirrorworkss@gmail.com with a photograph, three line bio and relevant contact/social media information. Namaskara!

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