Hallucinations and Honey

I am tired

of being stuck between pages,

sticking to you like grease and

your romanticism to call it honey.

Honey, I am tired,

honey I am not something to be talked about,

speak to me.

Honey, if your hallucination is driving your life,

how is it not real,

honey, let’s talk about us.

Don’t get stuck thinking dirt and glue

can work as honey.

There is just burnt

bitterness left in my throat,

and I get it from you.


-Riya Ray

Riya Ghosh Ray, 22, is a graduate from University of Delhi, India in Literature now pursuing Masters in Gender Studies from Ambedkar University Delhi. She performs/writes poems to talk about things that she can’t talk about otherwise, in between dealing with the leftovers of her heart and her friends from Madness Villa.

To have your expression (photographs, paintings, poetry, videos…. anything share-able) featured on this site, please email me at mirrorworkss@gmail.com with a photograph, three line bio and relevant contact/social media information. Namaskara!

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