Ladhi Fuse

Ladi: 1) Phrasal sequencing in Kathak
3) Threaded
2) To have fought

Performed by Casey Brown and Asawari Sodhi
Choreography by Asawari Sodhi

This piece came from an interest in dichotomies (assuming those exist), and the panic of dichotomies. The most move-y choreography was a haphazard compilation of movement developed over four months. This, I anchored with a ladi.

For me, Kathak has always had a confident air to it even when it laments. I wanted to undo that a little
– Asawari Sodhi
Asawari enjoys moving and making. She’s also the Co-Director of this venture
Send your expression (anything shareable) to with short bio + portrait + relevant contact/social media information to have it featured on this site. Namaskara!

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