Transformation: A journey from FAT (118 kgs) to FIT (75kgs and shredded)


After a lot of procrastination and self-doubt, I am finally taking the plunge. I am putting my story out there. A wise man once told me “Strong people do not push others down, they pull them up”. These words left an imprint on my mind. So by sharing my story,journey and struggle with all of you I am trying to pull all of you up with me. All of you who are looking for that motivation and encouragement to change your lifestyle, get healthier.


seh 1

My name is SEHAJ BIR SINGH, I live in Chandigarh, India and I am a Lawyer and a fitness enthusiast and this is my story;

I was a 118 kg fat man who was bordering on morbid obesity and no one but me could be blamed for my dismal health, fitness and appearance. My life revolved around work, food, alcohol and partying. Fitness and health were never a priority in my life.

It wasn’t that I was fat always, in fact as a kid and even up to the age of 13-14 years I was an extremely thin kid and I used to play all sports and was very physically active. In fact I was on the other side of the spectrum, as a kid I remember being force-fed because I just wouldn’t gain weight.

However things started to change for the worse when I continued eating and discontinued all physical activity. The real trouble started when I took admission in to law college and shifted into a hostel in the year 2004. I was away from home for the first time. The new-found independence introduced me to alcohol. For all those out there who drink, will support me when I say once you start drinking heavily the control on what you put in your body goes completely. I would study, drink, party and eat pizzas, cheese, burgers etc. and anything unhealthy I could get my hands on. The result was that I started putting on weight really fast. My self-control and willpower had become non-existent and it was in college that I started on the path to obesity

seh 2

As you can see from the picture I kept progressing from being moderately fat to near damm obese as the years passed in college. I passed out from college looking like the extreme right version of me in the year 2009. When I think back now I wish someone had just told me to get a grip on my life (in all honesty people did. My father a Doctor and that also a Cardiologist would keep telling me on how unfit I was and what an unhealthy lifestyle I was leading and how being obese is a gateway to having a disease ridden life but then I guess those were the years when anything your parents told you, you had to do just the opposite not realising the consequences of your decisions. My brother who was also studying at that time to be a doctor also kept telling me about the cons of being fat, but alas! My friends Zorawar Singh Sidhu and Gaurav Seth also tried telling me to get fit but I was obtuse to a fault. I thank them all for not giving up on me.)

Anyways after I passed out of college and became a practising Advocate, I did not become any wiser and I continued on the path of gluttony. I know it is difficult to imagine how things could get any worse but they actually did, when I went to England for a year to pursue my masters. Beer, burgers and fries became a lifestyle choice and I kept getting bigger and bigger.

Only if this is where I would have put a stop to things, but as they say ‘Vision in hindsight is 20/20′. After coming back from England I shifted to Delhi in search for a job. The pressure of looking for work and shifting to a new city at first and then pressure of working in a law firm caused me to look towards Alcohol and food for comfort. If I was happy I would eat and drink and if I was sad, unhappy and depressed food and alcohol were my best friends. Now when I think about it these were all excuses because things did not get any better when I shifted back to Chandigarh, to familiar territory, much closer to my home town of Patiala. I would look for excuses to party and go out and binge drink and eat. So from 2004, the year I joined law college to the year 2013 when I shifted back to Chandigarh I had gone from 90-95 kg to 115-118 kg. To make things worse, my overconfidence and arrogance was bordering on idiocy, because no matter how many people would tell me that I am looking really fat and unhealthy I would ignore it because whenever I saw myself in the mirror in my eyes I was normal. I used to think of myself as the smartest man alive. Oh how wrong was I.

While I was becoming bigger, fatter and unhealthier, my friends (Vaibhav Sharma and Nitin Kaushal) were transforming themselves into lean mean machines. I still remember when they were losing weight and getting healthier I would think to myself oh! what nonsense how can someone give up all the good things in life, I would never. While in fact in I was extremely jealous of them, jealous because they had the willpower to make the tough choices and make the change that was required, while I lacked the will or the desire. (I would really like to say I respect and love both of them because they never ever discouraged me or put me down when I was fat, in fact they would in their own way encourage me to lose weight and choose the healthier lifestyle.)

In the end of 2013, finally some sense prevailed and I started looking at myself as an unhealthy and obese person. I would see myself sweating profusely even when I was just standing. I would be breathless after climbing a couple of stairs and my knees would hurt if I had to walk a little. (I remember going to a orthopedician Dr. Gurdeep Singh once and complained of my knees hurting and he just said one thing to me ‘if you run a truck on the tires of a small car, it is but obvious that the tires would give way). So I started to make small changes in my life, I tried giving up sugar, shifted from drinking regular coke to drinking diet coke and I immediately saw changes. I started losing weight just by changing my lifestyle a little, this encouraged me but it also showed me how unhealthy my life actually was.

So when 2014 came, I made a resolution to finally lose all the fat in my body and change my lifestyle for good. Every year I would make this resolution but this year was different because I had the will to finally do it. So on 7th January 2014, I took the plunge and finally joined Meharban Fitness Center. This gym is run by Mr. Meharban Singh Virk and is located in Sec 37 Chandigarh. It’s a small gym but the man who runs it is a big-hearted man, he himself is some what of a legend in the bodybuilding world and has competed and won bodybuilding competitions at the age of 40, when most of the competitive bodybuilders hang up their boots. I would fail if I would not mention that my friend Nitin Kaushal is the reason that I became aware of Meharban Sir. Nitin was training with Meharban Sir (still does) when he put me in touch with him and for that I shall be indebted to him forever.

It was here that I was taught about what healthy living means. I was taught nutrition, weight lifting and sculpting your body to look amazing. When I had joined the gym, I remember telling Meharban Sir that I can’t do any form of Cardio exercise and I remember the exact words he said ‘We will lose weight with nutrition and weight training’ and boy did he keep his word. The workouts were fun, intense and amazing while the diet was easy to follow and sir made sure it was interesting.

The day I joined the gym I remember weighing 118 kg, the goal that was set was to lose 5 kg average each month, by lifting weight and controlling the intake of calories. Each month we would click pictures to gauge the progress. Luckily for me I did not plateau even once during the weight loss and kept losing weight slowly yet constantly. In 6 months I ended up losing about 35 kg, which surpassed the goal that was set and along with the loss of weight there was also improvement in my musculature.

My goal in mind when I started on 7th January was to just lose the excess weight and be done with it, but during the process I realised that weight loss and healthy living is not a destination, in fact it is a journey, it is more about changing your lifestyle and your habits for the good. Therefore just losing the weight was no longer the priority or the goal. I wanted to transform myself from being fat to being shredded, 6-pack abs and all the works and I wanted this transformation to last. So with the help of Meharban Sir, I educated myself on how the body functions, how to train, how to handle the nutrition aspect (THE MOST IMPORTANT) and supplementation.

So now I present to you a video of my transformation journey. A video that gives you an insight into how I transformed my body from being 118 kg to 75 kg (thats how much i weigh at present). I am hopeful that this motivates you, pushes you and helps you make that change that you have been wanting to make for so long.

So now everyday when I wake up my goal is to be better than the previous day. My goal is to lift some heavy *** weights and sculpt my body into a piece of art. Will I stop till I have achieved this HELL NO! Will I let setbacks affect me HELL NO! I will keep looking ahead, keep myself motivated and I hope to motivate all of you along the way. I have already written an extremely long post but I will leave you guys with these words.




– Sehaj is a lawyer based in Chandigarh. Follow his fitness journey (ongoing) here

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4 thoughts on “Transformation: A journey from FAT (118 kgs) to FIT (75kgs and shredded)

  1. Snigdha

    Its great to read the story of your transformation..I’m sure it will help millions..


  2. Great blog! Will follow. Check mine out and follow if you could!


  3. dave

    So glad to read this as duplicates what I decided to start 3 weeks ago…you are fantastic inspiration for me… I`m 3 weeks in and down 118 to 115..6 months and hope to get to 85..i dropped from 1 bottle of wine a day to zero..feel 100x better and now r on the LCHF diet..never felt better.


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