This is the short and dirty story of the inspiration behind BestBuilder, Fayez’s startup. 

Fayez Hussain has always been a tech enthusiast.

He came to Bangalore 5 years ago to get more insight into the IT sector.

His love for construction, ability to take risks, and India’s swelling startup culture came together to inspire him to kickstart BestBuilder.

He cites,

“I’ve seen my parents struggling many times to find a reliable plumber or a local builder, But when I saw them unsuccessful in finding one, once during my vacation, I knew what I wanted to do.

It was not to become a service provider, but to give customers the option to choose from variety of service providers. The market is unorganized and this was where BestBuilder came into existence.”

We realize how difficult it is to hire a builder without having any recommendation about the quality of their work and letting the customers know the estimate beforehand is the pain point we address.

Led by a 5-member team, BestBuilder is a curated online market place whose revenue model is based on snapping a cut from builders on every transaction. India’s construction industry is worth $100 Billion plus and the blue collar industry is pretty unorganised. BestBuilder will soon start to sell banner space on its website to generate more revenue.

Road ahead :
Having received good responses from Bangalore, BestBuilder intends to set up a physical office there. The startup is also working on developing a mobile app, on which people can post photos and share it with local builder and get quotes quickly.

Of late, home services have become a hot category in the Indian e-commerce space. However, the success of startups in this vertical would largely be dependent on venture capital as e-commerce in India is survival of the richest, not fittest.

  • Fayez Hussain

Fayez is an imp from Coonoor, Kerala. He loves sports, learning and Bollywood.

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