Untitled 2

She lay frozen
pretending to
be dead.
That was the only
way she could survive.
Her wounds bled
soaking into the soil,
mother earth wailed.
Her body had cuts
and bruises in untold
places, the wind howled.
She had blood tears.
Men around her
kicked her in places
which hurt the most.
One of them said,
Die whore die,
you deserve horrible death.
They left her for the dead,
wolves and vultures.

In the end,
it was the dead, wolves
and vultures,who nursed
her back to life.
She shall rise. She shall.

The clock waits in earnest.

-Jael Varma

Jael Varma has done her Masters in Mass Communication and is an escapee from the banking sector. She now focuses on  reading, writing and meeting interesting people. She is interested in Alternative Therapy and realised the importance of emotional healing when she lost her mother to cancer. She says:

“I have seen death and came back, if death can’t kill you… life can’t.”

Happy Living!

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1 thought on “Untitled 2

  1. To say wow wouldn’t be in consonance with the spirit of this poem. But, otherwise…,wow..!!

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