Ring Road

long road stretches and the eucalyptus trees bend green and heavy
the moisture drips on the nose
its a empty sunday for those in vagrant slots sit aimless.
a man has taken the wrong turn
the driver blamed.

the haggling ends with waiting
for another vehicle
solitary men on bustops stare
a cloudy venture ends with me staring at the thousand year old cities dust on my mended slippers .

how long is the wait and how long is the road
how long does the solo song play
only the road knows
and the hero flows

the crow on tree tops crows
and there is then the distant thunder
and the empty writers table look at the inky blunder .
so play out your song my piano man ..
play it well

for on the road the hero has more stories to tell.
and since the road was a river once
and the river was always hungry
the long road has become hungry
hungry for more

till we reach our own inner shore
dust laden ..
calm ..
moisture laden ..
and free ..

  • Vikramjeet Sinha
    Vikramjeet is a drama therapist. He is starry.

Send us your expression + bio + portrait at mirrorworkss@gmail.com to have it featured on this site. Namaskara!

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