ONE: A Series of Paintings

The goddess of wisdom here is represented in a non-godly way, as a humble, ordinary girl sitting by the lotus-pond beside the swans in her leisure. She represents the desire to know, to learn, to grow which cannot come without submitting oneself completely through humbleness. This is to find the Saraswati within own selves, recognize among the people we meet and become the Saraswati and evoke the thirst in each of us.
Lakshmi (Laksh meaning aim), stands for success, fortune, accomplishment and abundance. Not only does it refer to material wealth but also spiritual growth and enlightenment. “Luck” is needed in every growth as we commonly say. But few of us have understood the nature of “luck” or “fortune” needed for success. The owl represented with Lakshmi stands for the quality to see through darkness. Those who can see even through the conditions when there is no hope, Lakshmi is achieved by them. The elephants showering with their trunks stand for abundance.
At the end of one “Kalpa” the Universe contracts and exists as potential. Vishnu represents the soul of the Universe. When he wakes up for the new beginning, the Universe gradually expands and takes many forms. The “Anant Shesha” or the endless headed serpent represents the endless narratives the Universe will uncoil into as it expands. Like a snake that was coiled up it will now uncoil and take forms. It is that moment when the uncoiling has just begun, Vishnu from his sleep has just woken up.
“Krishna” literally means “attraction”. That centre of energy and mystery, no matter which path you take, if you walk it right, he is that magnetic pull, where you will stand still, devoid of thoughts, in loss of intellect and words. And if you have been looking for him in a specific spot, this is to remind, he is everywhere. He is one with the nature, flowing with his music beneath every creation. Like a tree that draws water from its roots to give colours to its flowers, we are all drawing energy and life from that great source constantly, continually, eternally through lives after lives.
  • Aparajita Barai
Aparajita is a graphic designer and an artist. She has graduated from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and completed her masters with a distinction in Design for Communication from University of Westminster, London.
Her work shows influence from the folk style and reveals the intricacy of traditional Indian art form. Mythology and spirituality predominantly mark her subject.
Her motive and mission is to re-stir Indian spirituality and philosophy and present it with own personal quest. She aims to dig out the ancient treasures, meanings and possibilities that have got submerged under the ceremonial practices.
To have your expression featured on this site please email it to us at with a short bio + portrait + relevant contact information. Namaskara!

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