ticking of clocks
passing of time
waiting for things to
turn out just fine
chasing my dreams
hoping it’d do
can’t walk away

bring back sunshine
i’m losing time
bring back sunshine
I’ve lost my time

close my eyes to breath a moment
waking and shaking away
i’m tired
sleepless and restless
i maybe wired
turning around and around

And time goes by
it’s still not mine
bring back sunshine
i’m losing time

i’m fragile but
i’m here now
clouds, they are walking
i’m watching dancing stars
ready to fight now
with myself i’m at war
trying to turn things around

it can’t be fine
without sunshine
i’ve lost my time
it’s still not mine

  • Gubbare Wale

Original Compostion
Vocals | Pakhi Sinha
Guitar | Abhishek Sekhri
Upright Bass | Abhinav Khokhar
Cajon | Nishant Rastogi

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Ferris Wheel Studios.

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