My musical journey started as a kid when I realised I was fascinated by the way music could make me move. I began training in Carnatic Music initially under my mom and then later from several other Gurus. All through out, I was exploring the lengths of its magnificence, going deeper and deeper within myself through music.

This piece ‘Melange‘ is an amalgamation of all of those emotions. I recorded it through my phone- recorder, hence the sound is quite raw.

  • Amulya Shastri

Amulya is based out of Delhi and is a trained Carnatic Classical musician whose other delved passion is Contemporary Dance. She manages her sanity by exploring both her passions equally. She is seeking herself even more deeply through meditation and has co-founded a magazine called ‘It’s Yours’ – an initiative to expand & connect the youth to themselves. She is also associated with Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, a voluntary organisation working towards spreading spiritual science to one and all.

To get in touch with her, you can mail her at You can follow her on Souncloud here

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