Art: salvation from reality / reality

This is a photoshop art experiment; I’ve used basic shapes like dots and lines and unconventional colors to tell stories about love and other feelings.  chaos

When two lovers-two individuals madly aggressively passionately in love with each- can’t be together because… chaos ensues. Chaos of gigantic proportions. Chaos, undetermined, unparalleled and under-rated. Real Chaos.existence
Sometimes, the very fact that I exist, makes me cringe. No, I don’t turn suicidal, I don’t aspire for death; I simply wish to turn invisible. All the life around is killing me slowly. It’s funny. It’s tragic. But life will be the death of me. And the fact that we’re all the same doesn’t help pacify.


Yes, opinions are hyped. But trust me, they’re damn charming. Even dichotomy. Is attractive.


Nothing can kill you better than an unspoken romance.


Do you see the pink dot there? I only put it to make the image look beautiful. Everything sells if it’s abstract. Or pretty. Or aesthetically appealing. or violent. Same goes for people. “You don’t fall in love at first sight with someone’s personality”- Ugly Truth.

too much in head

Yes, I can’t get over the fact that life will be the death of me.


He was the back up. The other guy. The second choice. Nobody deserves that kind of pain.

fuck you

Yes, you. Fuck you. I love you.

Note: I’m not an artist but I can assure you that art is the easiest way to gain hegemony over someone’s thoughts. 

Good luck living with this acceptance.

Also, there is a reason the lines and dots have been placed the way they have been placed. I wasn’t being random. Even though I’m not an artist.
I wasn’t being random.

Wow. I am creepy.

  • Y.S.K. Prerana

Y.S.K. Prerana is an activist-in-making till 12pm and an ice cream hogging blogger post 12am. Yes, the timings overlap, but that’s only because she’s fond of writing ’12’.
She’s also fond of balloons and bubbles, and convenient liars, and likes to identify herself as ‘a misplaced identity’.

Fore more such works, follow:

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