Sunset atop Meditation Mount

sunsetThis shot was taken when I was rushing to Meditation Mount to see the rising full red moon and the rising lunar eclipse and the spurring clock was ticking. A photo enthusiast, holding off the impulse to capture the painted sky into zillions of frames, saving it all for that utopian moment atop the Mount, I stopped to get directions. Navigationally aligned, the car rolled forward but then I heeded a passing thought. Stopped. Clicked. Acted in the Now. Captured the Vedic sandhya (evening).

I am so glad I gave into the moment. Atop the Mount, I didn’t get to see the setting sun or the rising full red moon. As this photo depicts, there are so many bewildering messages, cross-connections, and pathways.. Risk has to be taken to move, or to stop, in order to build or surge up your own current…. This photo, a memory now, surges the surge of that moment within me!

  • Sadhana Atri
    Sadhana lives in the state of being… spinning her magic inside out, befriending her silent company; she looks at the world through her heart. Nature, colours, words and wit keep her inspired. She follows buoyant energy like a firefly and hence enjoys teaching children. Art brings her peace and keeps up her passion while her companion camera helps her achieve the magic of be-ing.

    Send us your expression at with a short bio + portrait + relevant contact information to have it featured on this site. Namaskara!

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