Choosing Flute

Meditation Music: This is a piece I recorded recently. Its based on Raag Jait, a morning raag.

Why did you choose to dedicate your life to playing the flute?
No, I didn’t, flute chose me. There was a time in my life when I was questioning the meaning of my existence. I had a job and comforts of all kind and still there was something which was making me cease to live. It felt as if I was programmed to do what I was doing, and then in the middle of all that commotion, flute chose me through Indian Classical Music.

During the 23rd year of my existence, I realised that I have talent, time and perhaps my last opportunity to be a flautist . I took the plunge then to follow my dreams and paint silence with flute music.

How did you start playing the flute?
I had just given my 10th board exams, was cleaning an attic, and found this dilapidated flute that my father had bought years ago. I mended it with packing tape, and started playing it just like that 🙂

The sound of the flute talked to me in a way that nothing ever has, so for the fascination of it, I kept on playing flute throughout the day, the month, that year, till now.
I was not playing classical music then, I used to play or imitate whatever song fell on my ears. Some were easy, some were difficult and I liked those challenges – so with my life taking me through, school, college and a job that included travelling for most of the year – playing the flute was the only thing that remained constant.

Where are you training right now?
I am living in a gurukul called Chinmaya Nada Bindu. It is located in the campus of the Vision center of Chinmaya Mission, surrounded by Sahyadri Mountains in a valley called Chinmaya Vibhooti. We are 35 km away from Pune.

What is gurukul like?
It’s like living with a family that has adopted you as their own child, LITERALLY. We not only learn the nuances of Classical Music, but also the thought process involved in its making, the philosophy, values and vision behind music and its teaching.

Ours is an open ended education system, open to interpretation and improvisation, yet holding on to the roots stronger than ever.

We are mentored as musicians, not only taught but forced to think beyond the limits of our imagination. We are inspired to evolve as we learn new things, become humble like a branch of a tree fully loaded with fruits.

All of the above is given to us wrapped in love, care and guidance. Even the scoldings we get are for our good. Talyogi Pt Suresh Talkwar has said it beautifully “IT’S LIKE DRINKING POISON, WHEN YOU SCOLD YOUR DISCIPLES, BUT A GURU DOES THAT TO MAKE THEM BETTER ,” polishing them harder so that they can reflect the world as it is.

  • Kshitij Saxena

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  1. Wow! Simply wow! Lovely.


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