I met Jordan at his sister’s cafe some years ago. He’s a wonderful person and an AMAZING singer songwriter. Here is is song Green.


I folded all the papers, that were once letters to me

Thought of all the changes, that happened suddenly

I’ve dreamt of all the grass here, is this the greener green

I’ve heard it in the books that my mother read to me


Don’t let me down, don’t let me drown

Because only you make sense to me


I’ve fought off all the demons, for what feels like half a century.

I’m tired of all the forces, that have recommend with me

I’ve shook hands with the good times, shook off all the band,

Taken all my chances with the thoughts that you thought were dead


Don’t let me down, don’t let me drown.

Cause only you, make sense to me

  • Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson is a Kiwi/Indian/SouthAfrican indie singer songwriter based in New Delhi, India.Find him on his website here, YouTube here, and Facebook here

Send me your work at with a portrait and short bio to have it featured on this site. Namaskara!

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