Saaramaina – Jaavali | Behag

A self interpretation of the Jaavali by Swati Tirunal which is very close to my heart.

Words are more than just plain text (Maatalu).. In the grander scheme of things, the intention behind the words manifests.

Saaramaina Maatalentho Chaalu Chaalu Ra..

What we really need to express is the true essence of our being, not the temporary coating outside of ourselves that seems permanent.

That, my friend is more than enough! (Chaalu ra).

That, is what brings true happiness (santoshamu).

Listen to your heart (manavi vinaraa).

  • Amulya Shastri

Amulya is based out of Delhi and is a trained Carnatic Classical musician whose other delved passion is Contemporary Dance. She manages her sanity by exploring both her passions equally. She is seeking herself even more deeply through meditation and has co-founded a voluntary, not-for-profit organization called SENSEi India – that aims to empower individuals in order to address the challenges of everyday life in a holistic way.

To get in touch with her, you can mail her at You can follow her on Souncloud here.

Send me your expression at with a short bio and portrait to have it featured on this site. Namaskara!


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