Balraj KN is a cartoonist, illustrator and copywriter. Just about anything is food for his cartooning thought. Ranging from politics to workplace humour and animals to generic humour. Do visit his online portfolio at: — To have your work (anything shareable) featured on this site, send us a portrait, short bio and your work … Continue reading Symptom-scuze

How I Found Photography

I’m often asked ‘how I found Photography,’ but I’d like to start this about how Photography Found Me. It was a series of coincidental events, endless discussions with my sister, a ton of support from my husband and friends, and circumstances which made it look like this could really happen, that ended up with me … Continue reading How I Found Photography

The Truth About the “Evidence” Based Therapy

Psychology as a field of study has always been in a limbo of classification and methodology. The natural sciences, such as physics and chemistry, demand a certain level of objectivity that some have argued is not possible in the study of human behaviour. This has led to a difference of opinions between psychologists in their … Continue reading The Truth About the “Evidence” Based Therapy

Earthquakes and Wreckage between You and You

The place where I lived, the earth never shattered, the buildings never collapsed. The windows cracked open on my palms though. The earth shivered, like my constant anxiety, like a panic attack, Like something is going to happen, That my earth might just crack right open I have always prepared for the time the earth … Continue reading Earthquakes and Wreckage between You and You