Dear Girl-I-Used-to-Be

Dear Girl-I-used-to-be I woke up empty today. I opened my eyes and nothing rushed at me. No thoughts crashed like waves at the shore of my consciousness. I just lay there and did not care what time it was, what day it was, what clothes I wanted to wear today-and you know what the most … Continue reading Dear Girl-I-Used-to-Be

Of a Writer who Wasn’t

Of intellectual bloodbaths and universal crossroads, I began to write of things that never lost their glory; of people who were quoted often but seldom understood and of ideas that were held absolute but never saw light except for in books or in songs. I threw glances outside the window and borrowed plots from everything … Continue reading Of a Writer who Wasn’t

My Bombay is No More

Last night I dreamed I was in Bombay again. (Forgive me Daphne Du Maurier). Back to that city of skyscrapers and slums, a city that never sleeps, a city I love. I saw myself getting into a train, hopefully a superfast, and circumventing the city. The stations slip by–Goregan , Andheri, Bandra, Dadar. A little … Continue reading My Bombay is No More

Sunset atop Meditation Mount

This shot was taken when I was rushing to Meditation Mount to see the rising full red moon and the rising lunar eclipse and the spurring clock was ticking. A photo enthusiast, holding off the impulse to capture the painted sky into zillions of frames, saving it all for that utopian moment atop the Mount, … Continue reading Sunset atop Meditation Mount