Dear Girl-I-Used-to-Be

Dear Girl-I-used-to-be I woke up empty today. I opened my eyes and nothing rushed at me. No thoughts crashed like waves at the shore of my consciousness. I just lay there and did not care what time it was, what day it was, what clothes I wanted to wear today-and you know what the most … Continue reading Dear Girl-I-Used-to-Be

The Art of Being Confused

When I first moved to Bangalore about four years ago, the only thing I knew was I wanted to live by myself. I’d been wanting to do that since I started college. It’s how I imagined my life to be. My mother, who had accompanied me to Bangalore for a short while, would constantly pester … Continue reading The Art of Being Confused

Finding Your Voice

Each of us who is ambitious enough, attempts to create a unique yet recognizable sound, a “voice,” as some say. A memorable voice fills an audiences’ ears with inspiration; it sounds new and fresh and sometimes still rings with a kind of warm familiarity. In trying to create my own voice, I study decades past … Continue reading Finding Your Voice

Twenty Two: A Graphic Novel

Sreeja Basu Sreeja studied communication design at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, with a special interest in sexuality studies. She is currently in the liberal arts postgraduation programme with the Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University, Delhi. Her career aim is to blend design thinking and sex education in schools. She enjoys illustrating, … Continue reading Twenty Two: A Graphic Novel

Lost and Found

It struck me suddenly, out of nowhere. I was sitting in a guest lecture, half-listening to the speaker, a celebrated lawyer, while my mind wandered about in idyllic loops of thoughts in a manner that is characteristic of a final year been-there done-that student. But as the talk became more interesting progressively, I felt myself becoming more engaged, caught … Continue reading Lost and Found