What I Do

I am creating a network of trained volunteers that offer listening services, enriched with techniques from arts therapy, transactional analysis and mindfulness.

Contribute-as-you-like! I welcome skills, food, coffee, chai, volunteering and money in exchange for 1 hour long 1:1 sessions. Email me at sodhiaqseer@gmail.com for an appointment.

Suggested slabs if you would like to pay –

  • 20-200,
  • 300-500,
  • 600-800 INR per session depending on your ability to do so.

Should you reach out to me?

Yes, if

  • You need an open, non-judgmental space to talk about anything and everything.
  • You’re dealing with stress on the work, family, friends, love or financial fronts.
  • You’re not feeling like yourself, if you sense that you’ve lost touch with your creative side.
  • You’re constantly on edge, are working/eating/WhatsApping compulsively and can’t seem to slow down and smell the flowers.
  • You think you need help and are not comfortable approaching a doctor or clinical psychologist directly – I am here to make sure you reach the right place/people to best meet your needs.

Aaina’s Facebook page is here.

Have fun exploring my site using the tag cloud/archives or plain old scrolling. My guest posts are everything from photographs, to screenplays, to poems, to choreography, to stories of personal journeys. This is an open space for all voices and all kinds of expression. Namaskara!

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