Who I Am









Namaskara. I’m Aqseer.

Briefly, I:

  • graduated in law from NLSIU Bangalore in 2012
  • worked, then struggled with depression and bi-polar disorder (no definite end date on this one :))
  • completed my Master’s in Psychology from Ambedkar University in 2016
  • will have my certificate in movement therapy from the International Dance Council, UNESCO by mid 2017

I am passionate about training listeners to acknowledge and address emotional pain in their friends before it turns into mental illness.

I’d love it if you help me help you help yourself!

Find an interview with Bar and Bench here.

Logo designs by Abhishek Narayan.

Pictures, unless otherwise specified, are by me.

Featured image by Sneha Mohanty Photography

3 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Thank you for showing interest in what I put out. I sincerely hope you continue to find my posts entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.


  2. Hi, m rajsri from Kerala in south India. I’ve just completed my master’s in psychology from indira Gandhi national open university and m interested in learning more and perhaps practicing in the field of clinical psychology. Creating an awareness about mental health and particularly identifying those in need of attention is what I really want to do… but I myself am quite lost as the scope to work n gain exposure n experience in this part of the world is rather less.


    1. hi why dont you email me at mirrorworkss@gmail.com and we can talk?


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