From Corporate Law to Photography

Earlier this year, I spoke with some outstanding women who made career switches from law to tech-startup, photography and nutrition for a piece I was researching for SHEROES. This is a heartfelt and inspiring interview along the same lines, reproduced here in full. Enjoy! What made you decide to switch?  I am a freelance photographer specializing in Fine … Continue reading From Corporate Law to Photography

Journey to a Non-Believer

I used to be religious. A long time ago. It was extremely easy for me, brought up in a fairly religious yet extremely relaxed family. My family’s religion never restricted me, on the contrary, my rather amusing parents found a way to make it all about the good things. It was comfort, and faith in … Continue reading Journey to a Non-Believer

My Journey from Law to Design

Some people make their decisions after analyzing each and every aspect while others just go with their gut. I’m the latter kind. After finishing my law degree, I worked in consulting for about 2 years. The switch from consulting to design for me was very intuitive. I was happy with my job, the pay was … Continue reading My Journey from Law to Design

The Irony of Fate

Romantic comedies are not what comes to mind when one thinks of the USSR. The country of socialist art, socialist theatre, massive parades and not to forget, its famous circuses, did however have a thriving cinema and a population as obsessed with the yearning for love and for companionship, much like every other society that … Continue reading The Irony of Fate

Dear Girl-I-Used-to-Be

Dear Girl-I-used-to-be I woke up empty today. I opened my eyes and nothing rushed at me. No thoughts crashed like waves at the shore of my consciousness. I just lay there and did not care what time it was, what day it was, what clothes I wanted to wear today-and you know what the most … Continue reading Dear Girl-I-Used-to-Be