Saaramaina – Jaavali | Behag

A self interpretation of the Jaavali by Swati Tirunal which is very close to my heart. Words are more than just plain text (Maatalu).. In the grander scheme of things, the intention behind the words manifests. Saaramaina Maatalentho Chaalu Chaalu Ra.. What we really need to express is the true essence of our being, not … Continue reading Saaramaina – Jaavali | Behag

Sunset atop Meditation Mount

This shot was taken when I was rushing to Meditation Mount to see the rising full red moon and the rising lunar eclipse and the spurring clock was ticking. A photo enthusiast, holding off the impulse to capture the painted sky into zillions of frames, saving it all for that utopian moment atop the Mount, … Continue reading Sunset atop Meditation Mount

Meditation Reading List

I am very skeptical by nature and had preconceived notions of meditation being a kind of a cultish practice. It didn’t help that most of the literature that I read on the subject, it was almost always explained in a way that made it seem like some kind of unscientific, mystical jargon, even by experts. … Continue reading Meditation Reading List

ONE: A Series of Paintings

SARASWATI The goddess of wisdom here is represented in a non-godly way, as a humble, ordinary girl sitting by the lotus-pond beside the swans in her leisure. She represents the desire to know, to learn, to grow which cannot come without submitting oneself completely through humbleness. This is to find the Saraswati within own selves, … Continue reading ONE: A Series of Paintings

A Unified Consciousness & Energy Field

“If you invest your will and attention on extra-sensory, non-physical phenomena, you very well may manifest their influence in your life. The problem is that most of us have already made up our minds before we even look.” Looking Inwards has been a process most of us turn to when severe forms of existential dilemmas … Continue reading A Unified Consciousness & Energy Field

A Prayer to an Imaginary God in an Imaginary Land

Oo the mighty zah-aur, you are the land of love, the enlightenment wave, the sea that touched the sky.. Thank you for your blessings.. Opening the heart.. Let the air in and out.. Opening the third eye.. Make us see the purest love and what it is about.. Opening the magic ears. To hear.. To … Continue reading A Prayer to an Imaginary God in an Imaginary Land